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Twice Brewed Inn Booking

To make a reservation your first port of call is our online booking system below. If you struggle with this please watch our video on how to book a room. If you struggle to do this please contact us using the methods available on our contact page.

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To find out more about Stargazing at the Twice Brewed Inn, head on over to our Stargazing page.

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Twice Brewed Inn Planetarium

Our indoor multimedia planetarium experience has 4 main feature shows:

  • Little Star – Aimed at younger children from 4-10
  • Forward! to the moon – For children aged 7yrs+
  • We Are Aliens – For families and children up to 14 years
  • From Earth to the Universe – Focused at 14 years +

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Stargazing, Supper & Slumber

Available for stays between 1st October and 31st March


Stargazing, Supper & Slumber

Planning a romantic getaway, or want something to keep the whole family entertained? With our very own Dark Sky Observatory here on site, you can explore the incredible starry skies above Northumberland with a team of astronomers, and with our Stargazing and Slumber package, you can roll into bed with stars in your eyes.

We offer a selection of Stargazing packages, tailored to a variety of guests. On the stargazing calendar you will see a range of package options, information on what to expect and dates available. Once you select the package to suit you, you can see available dates in the calendar on the right hand side of the page.